About Us

We are the window into the city once known as Manchester Of The East.

A city adept at combining disparate elements to build something new. A town that takes the familiar and marries it to the unknown. A burgh merging moments of unpredictability with expectations.

Kanpur is not just one thing; it is an amalgamation of long-held traditions and dizzying innovations and KanpurWants is the new way for you to know them all! Whether it is an art exhibition, an exclusive showcase, a new ‘it’ eatery, an underground music party or a travel opportunity, we give you an ‘in’ to them all.

At KanpurWants, we see the city from the perspective of its denizens, the people who love it and the people who come to enjoy it. We witness it in its entirety and give you not just a glimpse of the town but the whole kit and caboodle.

As proud as we are to help create a platform that lets everyone explore the known and unknown parts of the city, our mission has a broader scope. We believe our real worth lies not just in bringing forth relatable and exciting stories spanning the town, but as curators of the most interesting 400 square kilometers in the state.

At KanpurWants, we know the life is not merely about eat, work, sleep, rinse and repeat. It is about wanting extraordinary experiences that can be shared to create indelible marks.

So, we ask, what’s your KanpurWant?