Best Places To Workout In Kanpur

Best Places To Workout In Kanpur

The Skinny On The Top 5 Gyms In Kanpur

Fitness matters. The gym matters even more. #Preach

Finding the right gym is crucial. We get it. When the trainer is, well, not well-trained or the quality of the machines is shoddy, the gym is just not worth going. Why? Because why make the effort of driving down to a gym and get a half-assed exercise routine, when you could do the same at home?

To come to the rescue of all fitness-enthusiasts in Kanpur, we list the three top gyms in the city. We promise each one of them will stand tall (and proud) on all your expectations.


Where: Swaroop Nagar & Mall Road

This one needs no introductions because the name has made its mark across the nation. If you are one of those who implicitly trust a known-brand, Gold's Gym is your space.


Where: Swaroop Nagar

Whether you're new to working out or a fitness pro, Anytime Fitness is the answer to your workout fix. The reason we loved it was the free first consultation. For someone who haven't gotten off their keisters for decades, the session was really motivating!


Where: Tilak Nagar

The relatively new guy in town, ForceFit gym is something to behold. If you genuinely want to shed those extra few pounds or are looking to buff up those muscles, this is the place you have to go. From boxing to yoga, from CrossFit to spa, they have N number of marvellous ways to get you to move.


Where: Model Town, Pandu Nagar

When was the last time you did something for the first time?? Test your yoga skills in the air as you hold yourself above the ground from a silk hammock. Antigravity yoga — more commonly known as Aerial Yoga — is a fun way to change up your practice. Whether you've never experienced it, or have, Aerial Yoga by Pallavi is worth a visit.


Where: Birhana Road

If you're someone who has a fitness appetite for something fresh, new and offbeat, Satwik is your man! Introducing Kanpur to Aqua Zumba, Bolly Cardio, Bhangra Fit, Boot Camp are just a few new workout techniques on their list. If you've been doing the same old reps at the gym and feel like you are in a workout rut or have plateaued, it's time for some new Karma!

Jumping on the health and fitness train isn't a fad—it's a lifestyle! So,  Wake Up. Work Out. Look Hot. Kick Ass.

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