Kanpur Ploggers – A Step Into A Cleaner Future

Kanpur Ploggers – A Step Into A Cleaner Future

Single use plastic is wrecking havoc on nature. Not just air and water but microplastics have reached our body too. In the course of the pandemic, if there is one big problem that the world is facing today, it is plastic pollution. And it is everywhere!

Plogging is an eco-friendly exercise that is a combination of two words: jogging and Swedish phrase for pick up, 'plocka upp.' Kanpur Ploggers by Dr. Sanjivini Sharma is an association of over 250 self-motivated members formed with one ultimate goal: Reducing plastic pollution and protecting Ganga River and Kanpur city from the same.

The association aims to increase awareness about plastic pollution in the city and does that very effectively with the help of their Instagram handles. Plogging drives are conducted every weekend where anyone and everyone can play a part to clean plastic and religious waste at the ghats of the city.

Is picking up plastic from the dirty ghats is a job that doesn't suit you? You can still be present at the drive, motivate other members, help in making content for social media and so much more.

As a part of their efforts, Kanpur Ploggers have organized more than 31 drives and collected 10000 kgs of waste. They have also collaborated with an authorized plastic recycler in the city so that people can dry and collect clean plastic packets at home and send them for recycling.

Change does not mean moving mountains. Everyone's small bit can make a huge difference. Take part in a plogging drive and do you bit!