Kanpur, your wish is now Swiggy’s command

Kanpur, your wish is now Swiggy’s command

Ever wished for yourown personal genie? One that would grant your wishes on the go. Kanpur just gotblessed and how! Swiggy Genie is live in Kanpur and your wish is their command.

A smooth and hassle free delivery of your stuff – could be anything and everything – to your loved ones within the city is no more a distant dream. With their top-of-the-line pick and drop services, Swiggy Genie is functioning throughout the city.

Gone are the days when you'd get on your bike or your car to have something delivered to your friends and family and exhaust yourself with menial tasks. It doesn't matter where you are, Swiggy Genie has got your back. Get that little something delivered at any location of your choice, pay as per the distance and voila! Your wish will be granted.

What will be your wish this week?