Upcoming Long Weekends In March? Plan Your Vacation Already!

Get Ready for Fun-Filled Long Weekends in March 2024! Plan Your Getaways Now!
Upcoming Long Weekends In March? Plan Your Vacation Already!

Gear up peeps! We have just got you the bestest news ever. Check out this complete list of the long weekends for the upcoming month. March is surely going to be a lot more fun than any of us would have expected. Plan your staycation near Kanpur and relax yourself for a bit. Note down these long weekends in March and get prepping already!

Long Weekends In March 2024 -

March 8: Maha Shivratri

March 9: Saturday

March 10: Sunday

23rd March: Saturday

24th March: Sunday

25th March: Holi

29th March: Good Friday

30th March: Saturday

31st March: Sunday

Share this list with your buddies now and plan your getaways. Wondering where you can head out? Fret not, we have got you a list of places to explore. These are some of the most enticing destinations that just need 2-3 days of your time.

- Jim Corbett

Are you a fan of wildlife too? Well, you must surely plan a trip to Corbett then. You can find a natural treasure at the park where you can see untamed animals that live in the forest. For many wildlife enthusiasts throughout the world, Corbett is a dream trip because of everything from the natural environment to the tigers' predators.

 - Landour

The charming town of Landour, Uttarakhand, is situated near the lower western Himalayas and is nested beneath a thick canopy of Deodar trees. This little cantonment town, oddly named after the Welsh settlement of Llanddowrer, is rich in history, stretching back to the British era. The peaceful atmosphere and unspoiled natural beauty of Landour are calmingly uplifting, making it the perfect place to restore one's senses.

- Mussoorie

Mussoorie offers breathtaking views of hills, weather, and clouds along with pleasant accommodations that make for an unforgettable encounter that fills hearts with nostalgia. Undoubtedly, with its breathtaking perspective of the Garhwal Hills Himalayan Range, it is frequently referred to as the Queen of Hills, and for good reason.