Ishya: The Gift Shop In Kanpur For Every Occasion

Ishya: The Gift Shop In Kanpur For Every Occasion

If the bane of your existence isgifting, we feel you. As soon as a festival, birthday, anniversary or any otheroccasion in between comes close, the heart starts to palpitate. There is oneconstant refrain in the mind – what to gift? This is especially true forfriends and family you've known for a long time. After all, for how many yearsin a row can you brainstorm new gift ideas. 

Ishya is the life savour you didn't know you needed! The store is a joint venture between Fragrance Scenter and Bags 'n' Tags and brings the best of both worlds. It proves that collaboration done right results in thoughtful creativity and great products.

Located in Rave3, the store stocks acurious and gorgeous mic of home décor, home fragrances and personalised gifthampers. Whether it is a gift basket for Navratri or serve-ware for your abode,Ishiya has it all. There is no occasion, instance, day or celebration for whichIshiya doesn't have something. 

We are particularly in love with three of their products:



The Hand-rolled Incense Sticks

Ishya is the place to go in Kanpur when you're searching for gifts for others or yourself.