Disha Literature Festival: 7th & 8th, 2020

Disha Literature Festival: 7th & 8th, 2020

About NLK Group:

NLK Group was founded as a path-breaking initiative to make quality education accessible to the children from the lower end of the economic strata. The envisaged group of institutions came into being at the turn of the century and with it started a movement of educating the children for the challenges of the new century. Children are nurtured and their potentialities are honed in the caring and progressive educational ecosystems of the schools of the NLK group.

Schools of the NLK Group are co-educational and secular institutions with over six thousand students from the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The Group is helping the nation harness the demographic dividend that would have suffered due to the lack of opportunities among the middle sections of population.

The School works along the lines of the globally accepted educational motto "We teach how to think, not what to think". The challenges of the dynamic nature of knowledge and changing scenarios of the industry and society are met successfully by the students of NLK Group of Schools as they are educated with matching dynamism.


They have 9 GEMS in the crown of NLK

  • NLK Public School, Azad nagar
  • NLK Inter College, Ashok Nagar
  • Nlk's Wendy School, Khalasi Line
  • Wendy high School, Naramau
  • NLKVM Inter College, Vishnupuri
  • NLK's Little steps, Jawahar Nagar
  • NLK's Disha, Azad Nagar (Near Tilak Chauraha)
  • NLK Archies Kids, Patrakarpuram
  • Pushpa Khanna Memorial Centre (Centre for special children), Azad Nagar (Near Tilak Chauraha)

This year they are adding another gem to the crown in the name of

  • NLK Academy, Mandhana (

NLK Academy is conceived to enrich the K-12 education by cultivating in its students academic rigor, 21st century skills, professional talents and entrepreneurial aptitude. The curriculum is implemented on the lines of Theory of Multiple Intelligences and accommodates advanced professional skill-development courses that supplement the academics by giving it an edge of practicality. The infrastructure is modern and highly purposeful that supports modern pedagogy and the progressive teaching-learning environment of NLK.

NLK Academy marks a shift from conventional schooling in myriad ways, not in the least because it is the first institution in the region that provides inclusive education and lays down the foundation for academic equity.

About Disha Literature Festival: FEBRUARY 7th & 8th, 2020

VENUE – NLK Academy, Mandhana

This year, Disha will host the second edition of DISHA Literature Festival at NLK Academy, Mandhana.

Disha Literature Festival is a big step towards nurturing the love of reading in children from preschool to grade school, which will be held on 7th and 8th of February 2020 for free of cost. The tagline of the festival – "The Dream We Carry" is inspired by the beautiful lines of Olav.H.Hauge.  These words are not to explain about the benefits of reading also not to elaborate about why reading is important? But the dream of having reading as fun, reading is fearing nothing, reading is loving, reading is dreaming the impossible… The dream that we carry is not just to be used for the event.. but  the dream is to evoke the love for reading, to make them understand that today's readers are tomorrow's leaders.

The two-day festival will bring authors, artists, parents and children together under one roof and provide an opportunity for our children to engage themselves in interesting reading sessions, story-telling workshops and sessions. The authors will talk about the world of books and its place in children's debates. There will also be a book exhibition on both days of the festival in collaboration with publishing houses.

It will be weekend packed with engaging book reading and storytelling life.

There will be panel discussions with established Indian and International authors and thinkers. Debate sessions will also be held to widen the aspect of Reading or Why read? Book Launch of the inspiring authors from Penguin books will happen during the event.

This is a platform for young readers, parents, writers and thinkers to immerse in conversations on literature and to help develop good reading habits in our children to create learners of tomorrow.

For free registration reserve your seats now.

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Join them in the celebration and enter the world of Literature!

See you there!!