Get To Know All About The National Creators Award 2024: Categories, Nominees And More

Recognizing India's Digital Innovators: National Creators Award 2024 Categories and Nominees
Get To Know All About The National Creators Award 2024: Categories, Nominees And More

The National Creators Award 2024 is a special project that the Indian government has started to recognise and honour digital creativity. The goal of this project is to draw attention to the outstanding work that content providers on different social media platforms do. The government's dedication to promoting digital innovation and creativity is demonstrated by the emphasis placed on these creator prizes.

The National Creators Award has been instituted with the objective of identifying and commemorating the top content creation award winners who have had a noteworthy influence on India's digital terrain. This initiative supports the creator economy, which is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's agenda.

A wide range of innovators from storytelling, social change advocacy, environmental sustainability, education, gaming, and other fields are among the more than 200 nominees, including actors Katrina Kaif and Yash, as well as social media celebrities Ankit Baiyanpuria and Komal Pandey. The list also features Sadhguru, footballer Sunil Chhetri, and entrepreneurs Aman Gupta and Nikhil Kamath. Stand-up comedian Zakir Khan and podcast presenter Ranveer Allahbadia are two of the contenders for the Best Storyteller Award.

The National Creators Award, according to Prime Minister Modi, would recognise young people's brilliance and show off how they are fostering innovation and sparking change. “Social media has helped a lot in showcasing people’s skills and talents. Youngsters in India are doing wonders in the field of content creation. To honour their talent, the National Creators Award has been initiated,” he posted on X.

There will also be a meet and greet session with honourable PM Narendra Modi Ji.

Categories Of National Creators Award 2024 -

1. Best Storyteller Award

2. Disruptor of the Year

3. Celebrity Influencer of the Year

4. Green Champion Award

5. Best Creator for Social Change

6. Most Impactful Agri Creator

7. Cultural Ambassador of the Year

8. International Creator Award

9. Best Travel Creator Award

10. Swachhta Ambassador Award

11. New India Champion Award

12. Tech Creator Award

13. Heritage Fashion Icon Award

14. Most Creative Creator (Male and Female)

15. Best Creator in the Food Category

16. Best Creator in Education Category

17. Best Creator in Gaming Category

18. Best Micro Creator

19. Best Nano Creator

20. Best Health and Fitness Creator

The government hopes to stimulate more innovation, creativity, and social impact in India's developing digital creative economy with this programme. Lastly your very own Kanpur Wants founder will be attending the meet too. So stay tuned for more information.

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