Invest In Yourself With This Powerful Workshop, “Healing With Feeling”

Discover the Power of Self-Healing at 'Healing With Feeling' Workshop
Invest In Yourself With This Powerful Workshop, “Healing With Feeling”

Healing With Feeling - a beautiful journey to self is a highly recommended workshop to get to know yourself better. The workshop is being facilitated by Anshuka Khanna, founder of Spritual Thrive. She is a tarot card reader, numerologist, DNA healer, PLR Expert and Akashic Healer.

The event is being curated by Preeti Singh, founder of Bio Clinic and is supported by Dr. Akanksha Loomba. The event will be followed by high tea and an interactive session with Anshuka Khanna.

Self-healing can strengthen our resilience, increase our capacity for stress management, and raise our level of contentment and happiness in general. We can lay the groundwork for a more contented and significant existence by making an investment in our own healing.

Things Happening At The Event -

1. Understanding Aura And Chakra

2. How To Daily Self Heal And Energise

3. Activation Of Creativity And Happiness

Date - 5th May

Timings: 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Venue - Madhuraj Hospital

Dress Code - Pastel Colors.