Know All About The Highly Anticipated Craftroots Exhibition In Kanpur

Discover Exquisite Handcrafted Treasures at Craftroots Exhibition in Kanpur
Know All About The Highly Anticipated Craftroots Exhibition In Kanpur

Are you eager to see the authentic handcrafted goods created by more than 70 Indian rural artisans? Well, Craftroots exhibition is one of a kind and is surely not to be missed. Gramshree launched the Craftroots programme to connect traditional artists' products with international markets. The organisation and programme have worked with over 25,000 artists and touched over 45 different craft types in the past 20 years. Craftroots has been instrumental in preserving and revitalising traditional craft forms by contributing to the ecosystem.

At the core of these efforts is a long-term socioeconomic impact, and Craftroots seeks to bring about a deliberate change in society. Craftroots also has its first retail location in Ahmedabad with the overwhelming affection and support of the public, exhibiting the handicrafts made by artists all around the country.

The Rabari community boasts highly acclaimed potters, internationally acclaimed leather artisans, upscale metal lamp designers, intricately designed sarees with centuries-old designs, and skilled heavy embroidery artisans are all set up for the event. There is a vast array of products available, ranging from crafts to folk art paintings, handloom and textile items, leather goods, pickles, and organic items.

Date - 25th - 30th January, 2024

Time - 10:30 am - 9:00 pm

Venue - Lajpat Bhawan