Know All About The Kanpur Adventure Tourism Week

Thrilling Adventures Await at Kanpur Adventure Tourism Week
Know All About The Kanpur Adventure Tourism Week

Yes, you read it right. Our beautiful city is having a Kanpur Adventure Tourism Week organised by the Blue Water Sports in collaboration with Kanpur Boat Club. The boat club is already renowned for its thrilling activities like kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing, dragon boat and they are also the one to have introduced hot air balloons in Kanpur for the first time.

Kanpur Boat Club is quickly emerging as one of the locals' preferred destinations for leisure activities. The Boat Club offers several different types of rides. Additionally, sufficient safety precautions have been put in place for everyone's protection. The public is wonderfully supporting the Kanpur Boat Club.

About Kanpur Adventure Tourism Week

The rates of the activities are as follows -

1. Motor Boat - 175/- per person for 1 round.

2. Speed Boat - 200/- per person for 1 round.

3. Jet Ski - 300/- per person for 1 round.

4. Banana Boat Ride - 400/- per person for 1 round.

5. Hot Air Balloon - 500/- per person for 1 round.

Timings - 11:00 am - 4:30 pm Date - 2nd December - 10th December Location - The Boat Club, Ganga Barrage, Khyora Katari, Katarijiyora NawabGanj, Uttar Pradesh 208002.

We recommend you to head here once for a nice family outing

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