5 Roadside Restaurants Near Kanpur To Drive To During Monsoons For A Hearty Meal

Discover Kanpur's Best Roadside Eateries for a Monsoon Drive
5 Roadside Restaurants Near Kanpur To Drive To During Monsoons For A Hearty Meal

With the sound of pitter-patter, petrichor, slow winds and the slight dewiness in the weather, the first showers of the monsoon season have finally hit Kanpur, making every pluviophile’s heart brim with joy. Monsoons have a charm of their own. While some thrive on the views from their windowsill, others just take it as an excuse to go on a long drive, and rightly so.

With the inception of monsoon in Kanpur, here are 5 roadside restaurants you can drive away to for a short monsoon road trip and some delicious food:

Deepu Chauhan Food Court: Located in Panki, almost an hour away from the heart of Kanpur, Deepu Chauhan Food Court has been the favourite roadside restaurant for all Kanpurites to flock to for a hearty meal. The place gives all the dhaba feels, serving lip smacking variety of dishes in rice, egg, chicken, tandoori, snacks and desserts, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Eating a meal here while it’s pouring outside makes for a wonderful experience.

A One Family Dhaba: Located at Kanpur-Unnao Road, Lakha Pur, you can surely spot A One Dhaba if you are travelling towards Lucknow. The taste and quality of food at this roadside restaurant definitely makes a long drive from Kanpur during the rainy season with it. The place guarantees a delightful experience for all.

J.K. Dhaba: J.K. Dhaba in Chakeri Ward, Rooma, Kanpur, is one of the best roadside stalls you can go to for a piping hot chai in monsoons. They serve authentic Indian food which is buttery, creamy and spicy, exactly what you expect from the roadside restaurant food. The taste of course be customized as per individual preferences and prices being low, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get a delicious meal and chai in the pleasant weather.

Shree Anant Bhog Dhaba: Located in Nawabgaj, Amretha, Shri Anant Bhog roadside restaurant is not just popular among residents of Kanpur but also Unnao and Lucknow. They serve some mouthwatering North Indian food ranging from starters to main course to desserts and have a counter that displays all the must have treats like khasta, kachori, samosa, tea and more. The ultimate highway dhaba feels.

Village Da Dhaba: Village Da Dhaba is located in Panki, near Bhatia Trisection. This roadside restaurant can be called as both a convenient drive thru joint as well as an emerging fine dine space. Driving up till here on a right evening to savour their chai, maggi, tandoori dishes and delectable desserts is a treat in itself. They also have AC and non-AC seating options.

So, are you all set to enjoy the Kanpur monsoons with long drives and a side of delicious food?