A Good Saturday On Your Mind? Here’s Where You Go In Kanpur

A Good Saturday On Your Mind? Here’s Where You Go In Kanpur

A cool pint. A chilled glass of wine. A platter full of snacks. These are the little things that take the stress away from boring quotidian life. When you add the element of friends to them, it becomes a pleasure that everyone (and, we mean, everyone) loves. So, the question is when it is a Saturday night, and you want a happening place to unwind with your friends, where do you go to in Kanpur?

The Best 5 Pubs In The City For An Awesome Night Out!

The Mill

Map It: NRI City, Mainawati Marg, Azad Nagar

A whimsical décor. Subtle lightening. Great food. The three things needed to make a pub outstanding and The Mill has it all! The rustic wood and exposed metal and pipe decoration give the place a very chic-industrial appeal. But the reason towners love the club is its affordable prices. Our advice is to order a Hoegaarden with a side of masala popcorn and potato wedges. Follow it with a Florentine Pizza; we promise the thin crust will melt in your mouth!

Terraza 9

Map It: Rave 3

Who doesn't love a party? Are we right, or are we right? It's the cheque at the end of the night that burns a crater in the wallet that's not as lovable. Well, T9 is the place to go when you want a pocket-friendly roof top pub experience in Kanpur to chill out with your friends.

The Yacht Club

Map it:  SGM Plaza, 7/119, Cooper Allen Ave, Allenganj, Swaroop Nagar

There are some days that call for top-shelf liquor. Alcohol that goes down smooth. Make The Yacht Club your destination when you want an array of superior drinks as an option. The place might be a little heavy on the pocket, but their bar is always well-stocked, which balances things out. The signature of the club is their special cocktails. Don't leave without trying one! While shots are still an option, if you are in a particularly royal mood, then try one of their finely aged liquors.


Map It: 11 A/21, Mariampur Road, Near Coca Cola Crossing, Ashok Naga

A Saturday brunch on the mind, instead of dinner? Then Liquid should be on your Google maps. A warm, inviting place, the pub has been landscaped to absolute perfection. Besides the interiors, the gorgeous panorama of the city it offers is mind-blowing.

Our tip is to order a pitcher of Sangria with your food or better yet a glass of Carlo Rossi for everyone. What makes Liquid a kickass place to sit back and relax with pals is the variety of drinks they have. From beers to malts to liquors to shots, everything is up for the grabs.

Yu Lounge & Bar

Map It: Landmark Hotel, 10 The Mall

There are a few occasions that call for a splurge. For such days, Yu Lounge is the only place in Kanpur that will do you justice. A more lavish, classy, and sophisticated bar, you will not find in the city. Every luxurious fabric, every delightful cocktail glass, and every plush sofa was curated with elegance and precision in mind. Our advice is to forgo champagne or wine and order the club specials – Tequila Maria and Ginger Martini.

If you're ready to experiment, then choose the Rusty Nail or the Espresso Martini. But if you want to keep it real to the décor, then Saint Jean Chardonnay should be in your hand!

Life happens only once. So, why not make it good? We say every other weekend bar hop across Kanpur to enjoy each of these five pubs!