Beat The Heat With These Shake Joints In Kanpur!

Beat The Heat With These Shake Joints In Kanpur!

Sweaty, burning, and exhausting are the words that come to mind when Summer walks-in. So, what keeps us sane over the long, mercury soaring months? In two words – cold beverages. There is just one relief from the constant beating sun, and it's a thick, sweet shake filled to the brim with ice. In a city as populated and polluted as Kanpur, the conditions are even worse, which mean making a pitstop to the top places for a refreshing shake is a must!

The Top 5 Places For Shakes In Kanpur

1.    Mocha

Great interiors, exceptional food, and an amazing vibe, the one name everyone known in Kanpur is Mocha. Yes, coffee is their forte, but they also create some of the most fantastic shakes you'll find in the city. What's our recommendation? The strawberry cheesecake cake. And yes, you read that right it is a cake made of strawberry. Though for the chocolate maniacs, we say get a serving of Toblerone shake and Rocky Road. Mocha' shakes are a bit on the pocket heavy side of the spectrum, but they are worth every penny.

2.    Frozen Junction

The ice-cream joint has been the talk of the town thanks to their frozen waffles and ice creams rolls. But when you get tired of slurping ice cream to take away the heat, try their shakes. Which one you ask? We say pick your poison – red velvet, Oreo mint, bubble-gum, peanut butter, coconut, brownie or Oreo blueberry shake! And if you rather gratify your fitness soul than the sweet tooth, then opt for the special protein shakes.

3.    Busy Beans

When you are on the hunt of an extremely reasonable (on the wallet) joint, Busy Beans is the place. Each perfectly blended shake they serve is pampering the taste buds. If you really want to chill out this summer, then order one of these – Refreshing Blueberry, Caramel Popcorn or Death by Chocolate Shake. Too much indulgence? Then ask them to add a scoop or two of protein to your shake!

4.    Juicebox

When shakes fail to turn the dial down on the temperature, freshly pressed juices save the day. Juicebox in Kanpur gives you the perfect solution to the dilemma of 'juice or shake.' They serve both along with healthy smoothies. To truly get a feel of their amazing shakes, we say go for the old but classic cold coffee option. For the days when the palate calls for something fancy, try the Rose Petal or Custard Apple shake.

5.    Offline Cafe

When the heart craves for over the top shakes with a mix of an experimental food menu, Offline Café is your answer. The hip spot of the town, we love the café all because of their shake aptly names Oreogasm! The cosy décor and authentic taste of dishes add oomph to visit while the monster shakes create the classic Instagrammable moment!

These are the best five places in the city to grab a shake, chill out and say adios to the gruelling sun (or at least for a few minutes).