Best Desi Breakfast Places in Kanpur

Best Desi Breakfast Places in Kanpur

Poached eggs and toast are fine but ultimately, the desi in all of us craves for a scrumptious desi breakfast in the morning. Very few things compare to the joys of the fluffy poori, chole and warm jalebi. Here are top breakfast places in Kanpur:

Mithas: A popular breakfast and sweet shop in Swaroop Nagar, Mithas serves an amazing desi breakfast thali with fresh kachori, aloo ki sabzi, chole, pooris and much more. It is a highly frequented spot by families because of their freshly made jalebis that are best relished warm.

Location: 7/108, Khalasi Line, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Gyan Vaishnav: Gyan Vaishnav is one of the oldest places in Kanpur that almost every Kanpurite has visited at least once. The morning breakfast here consists of an array of desi dishes that will make your tummy full and heart fuller.

Location: Gumti No. 5, Kaushalpuri, Darshanpurwa, Kanpur

Shantiniketan Sweets: Shantiniketan Sweets is another one of those cult restaurants in Kanpur that is famous for its desi breakfast. Their khasta-kachori with aloo ki subzi is a crowd favourite. Breakfast here is the best way to kickstart your day.

Location: 111/77, Shop no 4, Ashok Nagar, Harsh Nagar, Kanpur

Chhappan Bhog: Don't get shocked if you see a huge crowd at Chappan Bhog in the morning, the place is that famous for its kachori with aloo sabzi. Their imarti and jalebi are also to die for and a must try.

Location: Nawabganj Rd, Company Bagh, Kanpur

Brijwasi Sweets: What better than a lazy Sunday breakfast at Brijwasi Sweets. They are very popular for their samosas and other Indian snacks and the perfect spot to drive to for enjoying some desi delicacies.

Location: 35 Pardevan Pur, Chakeri Road, Lal Bunglow, Kanpur

Bacchu Lal Khaste: Think about 'garam garam khaste', tangy chole and onion with green chutney. Now don't just keep thinking, head over to Bacchu Lal Khaste to enjoy a Sunday breakfast meal like a boss. P.S. Their paneer pakoda is also yum!

Location: 112/336 , Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Pahalwan Ji ka Special Matthha: Only a true Kanpurite knows the bliss of having Pahalwanji's fresh bread makkhan in the morning. Its super creamy and healthy breakfast and that black salt sprinkled on top makes all the difference.

Location: Nanarao Park, Phoolbagh, Kanpur

Rajkumar Special Chola Bhatura: Whether you're in the mood for chole bathure or paneer kulcha, Rajkumar does it best in the city and is perfect for a desi breakfast.

Location: Kachehri, Kanpur