Chug Kombucha with The Good Greens

Chug Kombucha with The Good Greens

While the fitness industry is growing rapidly, good nutritional diet has become the mantra. We agree,healthy meals tend to get boring and monotonous at times. What if we tell you that you now have access to a health drink in Kanpur that will tantalise your taste buds with a rush of flavours and get your gut health to its best. Don't believe us? Well, thank "The Good Greens" for bringing it to us and watch Krishi Cress Kombucha do its thing and you'll probably thank us. Kombucha, for those who don't know, is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea or green tea, said to have a plethora of health benefits.

From a glowing skin to a gut so strong, Kombucha brings more than what meets the eye to the table. On days when the scorching heat leaves you cranky, chug a bottle of Kombucha and experience a wave of energy rippling through you like magic. Known for its various health benefits, It comes in two variations – Kombucha ++ and Kombucha lite. Among boost in immunity, skin rejuvenation, better gut health and digestion, body cleanse is also one of the major benefits of downing this health drink infused with major nutrients.

What makes it even better, you ask? Apart from the fact that it comes in varied delicious flavours, the cute little compact bottle, is easy to carry and hassle free at its best. Heading out to travel? Pack it up. Tired after a long working day, take it out of your bag and chug it like there's no tomorrow without shaking the bottle.

We're hoping you like the tingling fizz because you're in for a big party with Krishi Cress kombucha. Remember, all you gotta do is head to "The Good Greens" (also available at Alpine stores in Swaroop Nagar & Jajmau Kanpur) and make sure to not shake the bottle before you go for that mean bottoms up.

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