Experience Asian gastronomy at Miso- Asian Kitchen and Bar

Experience Asian gastronomy at Miso- Asian Kitchen and Bar

When was the last time you enjoyed a delicious meal at an authentic Asian restaurant? And what is your favourite Asian dish- sushi, khow suey or thai curry? Haha! We know we just gave you Asian food cravings that you don't know where to satisfy!

Well, crave no more because this newly opened gem in NRI CITY, Kanpur is the answer to all your cravings. The team behind your favourite, chill hangout spot in Kanpur, Offline Cafe brings to you Kanpur's first Asian Culinary Bar- Miso, and give you the chance to experience those umami flavours, the sophisticated vibes and a high class hospitality.

Miso- Asian Kitchen and Bar is a chic restaurant, modern but still retaining the taste and authenticity of the Asian cuisine. The menu covers absolutely everything under its hood and you're gonna be spoilt for choice! A soul-hugging soup, some crunchy papaya salad or one of Miso's signature dishes, there's food for every mood!

Be it your favourite Asian dishes or the heart-warming desserts, the food nails all aspects from taste to presentation. To add to the dining experience, the restaurant serves a range of cocktails in its beverage section, all curated with utmost TLC to satisfy the cocktail lover in you.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, book a table and experience Asian gastronomy in Kanpur like never before! After all, you don't want to Miso a chance to eat at Miso!

Bonus: The ride to NRI city is gonna be beautiful!

Place: Miso- Asian Bar and Kitchen

Address: 3/1 NRI City, Kanpur-208005