Tempt Your Indulgences With These Popular Bakeries In Kanpur

Tempt Your Indulgences With These Popular Bakeries In Kanpur

The one thing we absolutely adore about Kanpur is that it never fails to come up with new offerings and choices. This time around, we craved for a bite of baked sweets and savouries and thus began our hunt for the best places to grab a quick snack!

Top 4 Bakeries In Kanpur For All That Gooey Goodness

1.    Bakista, Kidwai Nagar

The one place in Kanpur that will lure you in time and again, Bakista is full of surprises. For a quick lunch break, we recommend trying their Dairy Milk pastry. For an after-dinner sugar craving, pick any of their desserts. What's more, the eatery has a hearty portion size, which means their tandoori paneer pizza or white sauce pasta is a full meal!

Weight on the pocket: about ₹400 for 2 people

2. Cawnpore Baking Co., Tilak Nagar

A place to hang with bae and a place to chill out with your squad, Cawnpore Baking Co. does not disappoint. Nestle comfortably at the joint to enjoy their cream filled cheesecakes and when the hangry pangs come calling order their mouth-watering burgers that drip with the most delicious sauces. Don't forget to catch up with their muffins while you're at it!

Weight on the pocket: about ₹500 for 2 people

3.    Mr. Brown, Phoolbagh, Mall Road,

After hitting it big in Lucknow, Mr. Brown expanded to K-town, and they've made a name of it. Every celebration has a baked goodness from it. The superb taste, top-notch quality, and fresh, creamy frostings make for the best cakes in the city. One look at their smorgasbord and all your iron-will crumbles like a tender crust.

Besides the plethora of baked items, Mr. Brown packs some seriously thick shakes and sandwiches. While you're waiting for your custom-order cake (which they also deliver), get some goodies packed for home!

Weight on the pocket: about ₹550 for 2 people

4.    Upper Crust, Shanti Nagar, Kanpur Cantt

We kept the most popular bakery in the town for the last. You'll find Upper Crust at Swaroop Nagar and Z Square Mall, too. The perfect price for the perfect cake, the bakery is the go-to name when it comes to gooey goodness. Indulge in any of their cakes, pastries, or sweets, and each one will be better than the one before. But our personal favourites (and the reason you'll find us there every other day) is the Caramel Custard pudding with a side of chicken pasta.

Weight on the pocket: about ₹600 for 2 people

To all those people who begin every meal by asking 'meethey mien kya hai?', we say go bonkers. These five bakeries in Kanpur will fulfil all your wildest, sugary dreams!