Top 8 Places In Kanpur For Mocktails To Beat The Heat As A Non-Drinker

Top 8 Places in Kanpur Offering Refreshing Mocktails for Non-Drinkers
Top 8 Places In Kanpur For Mocktails To Beat The Heat As A Non-Drinker

With the ever soaring temperature of Kanpur currently breaking all records, it is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated to maintain good health and protect against heat strokes. While water is the best drink available to mankind to quench thirst, flavourful mocktails can be refreshing and almost an indulgence when you don’t want to drink hot beverages.

Here are top 8 places in Kanpur to beat the heat as a non-drinker:

Landmark Towers: Landmark is one hotel in Kanpur that houses multiple restaurants like Waterside, Xoomba, Asian Library, YU and LIV, each one serving signature mocktails with interesting flavours. So, you can step in at any time and cool off the heat at any of the restaurants.

Offline Café: The Offline Café has recently opened its doors for customers again and guess what, they too serve chilled and refreshing mocktails like Blueberry Lemon Tonic, Cherry Blast Cola, Raspberry Soda, OG Mojito, Roohafzito and more to quench your thirst.

Bodega: Bodega Cocktail Bar and Kitchen is another restaurant in the city that is famous for its mocktails. Sipping on their flavourful drinks like Lemongrass Fizz, Shirley Temple, Masala Marry, Orange Kaffir, Rosemary Blush while taking in the beautiful garden inspired ambience can be a great way to beat the heat.

Kiko: Another new hangout spot in town is Kiko. Sipping on their signature mocktails namely Kiko Lemonade, A Ticket to Tokyo, Tropicola and coffee and milkshakes make sure the non-alcohol drinkers don’t miss out on anything.

Aviary Cocktail Nest: Summer Surprise, Passionate, Orange Kaffir Cooler, Sundowner, Fresh Lime Soda along with a selection of cold brews, the mocktail menu of Aviary Cocktail Nest is huge and makes sure there is something for everyone.

Parkside: Overlooking the Green Park stadium, Parkside is one of the best places to enjoy culinary delights and sip on refreshing cocktails in this heat. Their drinks like Espresso Lemonade, Pan Pom Shake and Kiwi Kooler will provide you some flavourful relief from the scorching heat.

Pebbles: Pebbles is one restaurant that offers not just the basic mocktails but also signature drinks and zero calorie lemonades so that you can enjoy a drink guilt free. From flavoured iced teas to mojitos like Passion Fruit Mojito, Watermelon Hydration and more to signature mocktails like Watermelon Kimono, Blueberry Merry, Chatpata Jamun and more, you will find the most out of the box mocktail flavours here.

Sirocco: Beat the heat in style while grooving to the DJs funky beats and immersing yourself in a culinary experience like none other at Sirocco in Hotel Vijay Intercontinental. Their wide variety of coolers and mocktails will help you blow off some steam while being a delight to the palette.