“CBC” Is Where You Should Go For Special Cakes In Kanpur

“CBC” Is Where You Should Go For Special Cakes In Kanpur

The answer to all cake needs in Tilak Nagar, Kanpur is Cawnpore Baking Co. .

The love affair of cakes with celebrations is never-ending. The two go hand in hand, forever. Let's just say that even the dopest party with kickass music, and incredible food tanks miserably when there is no cake. Rather, to be truthful, when there is no cake to mark the celebration, the party ends up being a disaster. And, that's precisely why every event, party or celebration calls for a cake. Nay, a cake that is perfection.

Even with a full stomach, one look of layers of soft, spongy cake topped with creamy icing makes us hunger. But where do you find such a cake in Kanpur? A cake with the most ridiculously beautiful decorations you'll ever see? Head over to Cawnpore Baking Co., and you'll find the answer.

Located in Tilak Nagar, the bakery has a perfect concoction for every celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion, at CBC there is no big day that ends without a cake. Craving for a sweet chocolate ganache cake with rainbow sprinkles? Or looking for a gorgeous tiered cake with flowers? Theirs is no flavour or style you won't find at Cawnpore Baking Co.!

Not just masters at stacking heaps of stunning toppings, the folks at CBC are also miracle makers. They know what it takes to create a perfectly-balanced dessert -one that has moist, soft bread with rich, buttery icing. While it is hard to pick one, we fell in love with cakes that come adorned with gazillion toppings. After all, who doesn't love a piece of cake that also has gems, candies, macaroons, and chocolate pieces!

Believe us, if a big celebration is on your mind, drop over to Cawnpore Baking Co. Kanpur's first 24/7 Cafe & Bakery You will not be disappointed.