ABC of Image Consultancy Ft. Rashmita Goyal

ABC of Image Consultancy Ft. Rashmita Goyal


Image Consulting is a process of working on the overall appearance of a person which includes their clothes, grooming, body language and etiquette. It helps individuals take charge and present the best version of themselves and create a perception about themselves that they want to create in the minds of other people. It aids them to better manage relationships, build confidence and be more successful in life.

Rashmita Goyal – Image Consultant


As a child, I suffered with body image issues. It was pretty difficult for me to dress myself up the way I wanted to, owing to that. So, I set out to shed the extra kilos that I thought I had in order to groom myself like the celebrities I admire. Shed, I did. However, the catch here is that dressing up like my friends and celebrities never happened! Even after losing all of that weight. That's when I realized that it really wasn't a body image issue all along, rather it was the issue of finding the right fit for myself. Gradually, I started dressing according to my body, backed with a lot of confidence and I simply looked & felt great. I started experimenting with clothes, studying about them. It took me years of hit and miss but every effort was worth it. This journey further shaped up life in a way that I realised how a person's appearance played a major role in forming a perception towards them ( don't get me wrong here, by appearance I don't mean how beautiful or handsome you look but it's your clothes, grooming body language and etiquette ) and that is where I hit the nail on the head, I eventually powered ahead of all the other applicants and landed my first job, primarily because I dressed the part.

Another added advantage of moving back and forth between my home town and other cities was that I learnt how to dress according to the occasion and place.

We tend to put on different garbs with different people because of different impressions we have created in front of them while maintaining our authenticity. The entire process helped me learn how to be my authentic self, the person I truly was, while being appropriate and creating the right impression in front of different people.

It would have been wrong on my part to keep all these learnings just to myself. I wanted to help anyone who thinks the way they dress, look or behave is getting in the way of their lives. I wanted to teach people how to love their bodies and themselves, have the right clothes and most importantly be happy!