How Strong Is Your Slang Game?

How Strong Is Your Slang Game?

Situated on the bank of holy river Ganga, Kanpur can easily be dubbed as a desi town with all the modern amenities. Even in movies, Kanpur has always been depicted as the land of crime, a place where people are hot-headed and can go to any extent if angry!

Abuses, slangs, and strange language may sound awkward to many. However, for Kanpurites it's just so normal which is why you can't really call yourself a true Kanpuriya if you're not savvy with these sassy Kanpur Slangs.

Kantaap: A tight slap delivered near the ear.

Rangbaazi: To show off.

Bhaukaal: A word used to describe an individual's swag.

Chaukas: The expression that is used to describe something awesome.

Bakait: A person who exaggerates things.

Chikaai: When a person mocks someone.

Chiraand: the word for an irritating person.

Baudam: Duffer

Khalifa: when a person is unnecessarily being overconfident.

Pauwa: A person who can arrange anything by 'Jugad'.

And while this is just a small number of Kanpuriya Slangs, here's a DIY video by 'Shrishti from Buzzfeed India' to help you understand the use case of some of these words better, along with the proper dialect.

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