Karma By Satwik: Where Fitness Is Fun, Lively And Amazing!

Karma By Satwik: Where Fitness Is Fun, Lively And Amazing!

We've said it before, and we say it again. Fitness is not a fad. It is a lifestyle. That said, repeating the same exercise routine day in and day out does get tedious. Every now and then you need to inject some fun.

Right about now you're thinking 'working out + fun?' Who're you kidding! That's not possible. Well, respectfully, we disagree. You've just not found the right fitness place. Head over to Karma By Satwik, and we bet your sweet ass that you'll change the tune after one session.

The studio was founded by Satwik Goyal, who is certified by the American College Of Sports And Medicine, Exercise Science Academy, Core Reebok Pilates and more. He also has over half a decade of experience and mastery over body toning, strength conditioning and injury compliance.

What's So Great About Karma By Satwik?

The fitness studio offers a whole gamut of methods to lose weight and live a healthier life. Just a handful of them are:

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Aerobics
  • BhangraFit
  • BollyCardio
  • Power Yoga
  • StrongByZumba

You can choose the one that catches your fancy with a guarantee that a certified trainer will be there to guide you along.

It is this variety that we love about Karma. For someone who gets bored really quickly with any kind of daily routine, the fitness studio constantly offers the chance to try something new.

Head over to Birhana Road or Swaroop Nagar and check out Karma By Satwik now!

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