The Journey From Lucknow To Kanpur: The Body Care And Cure

The Journey From Lucknow To Kanpur: The Body Care And Cure

Back in 2002, when the internet was still a pipe dream for most of us and the world of beauty was in its nascent stage, a salon (like any other) opened its doors. No, not in Kanpur but, our next-door neighbours, Lucknow. Fast forward almost two decades, and that humble salon has transformed into an august beauty establishment.

That's all well and good, but why are we talking about it?

First of all, we aren't just talking. We're excited.

Second of all, the salon has finally come to Kanpur!

The Opening Of A Top Unisex Salon In Kanpur

On May 16 of the year 2019, The Body Care And Cure Salon said hello to the denizens of Kanpur. It inaugurated its branch (first of what we hope many) in Swaroop Nagar and the second one in Kidwai Nagar.

What do we love about The Body Care And Cure?

One, the beauty salon is for women and men. Peep's, we love that! Two, they keep up, and we mean, really keep up. From the latest slimming technique to a great cosmetologist on board, from the most advanced skin treatment to the new way of doing makeup, they know it all. Three, their ethos of "take care of your body; it's the only place you have to live" is #onpoint.

While most of you will connect the parlour as the home of the best bridal makeup artists, it is much more. The team at The Body Care and Cure is made of therapists, dermatologists, physical trainers, dietitians, etc. For the professionals at the beauty establishment, their work is more than just glowing hair and healthy skin. They put in the effort to pamper the whole body (FYI, which we adore).

Where to find it and, of course, why?

Map it: 113/57 A Swaroop Nagar

Map it: 92-D Kidwai Nagar ( Near Hanuman Mandir)

We recommend swinging by the amazing salon just for a consultation with Ms. Shama Vig, a leading cosmetologist. Believe us; your skin will thank you for it. If a flawless sun-kissed skin is not on your mind, then a laser treatment that says adios to pesky facial fuzz should be.

While you're on the way, scroll through their blog for some nifty tips and ideas.

The unisex salon has proven its worth ten times in the city of Nawabs. We are not just bragging because we're besotted with TBCC. We know so. How? From the many, many gorgeous posts on  Instagram. Here's hoping they will surpass expectations in our town too!