Your Personal Stylist at the Doorstep – The Mad Dresser

Your Personal Stylist at the Doorstep – The Mad Dresser

A tech driven platform, The Mad Dresser offers personalized styling solutions for women in the form of bespoke boxes that are carefully curated. A customized styling experience which facilitates convenience, simplifies the shopping experience and is hassle-free. Our tech-enabled and detailed form on our website designed by our stylists not only gives them an idea of your preferences, but also helps to curate a box for you that is suited best for you.

A women-led platform, the TMD founders and stylists each have their own distinct sense of style, enabling them to cater to your needs and understand exactly what your wardrobe needs.

They work together in sync to craft style solutions and then curate a box with apparel from a diverse range of brands and have this box delivered to you. 

The brands that we curate from are new age, diverse, homegrown and disruptive. We curate from only those brands that offer customers a niche and help define their style. All you have to do is fill a form on our website, giving us an idea of your preferences, your budget, your preferred colours and styles. TMD's team of in-house stylists will then use all of this information as a brief to curate a style box for you. 

Once the TMD box is delivered, customers have the freedom to try out the pieces for themselves. After careful consideration, they can buy what they like and pay for it and return the pieces they do not wish to buy. The box will then be picked up at a convenient time. Through the entire process, TMD takes on the responsibility of scouting for, selecting and putting together a bespoke box that fits the customer's needs. This is done with the help of a process that takes just a few minutes of the customer's time, thereby making it very convenient.

At TMD, the objective is to provide refined styling services and to ensure that every woman has a pleasant shopping experience. We aim to promote diversity and inclusivity through our offering. Our team strives to provide you with style solutions that make you feel confident and that make you love yourself. We also aim to promote homegrown, ethical and conscious Indian brands through our offering.