Books, Games & All Sorts Of Quirky Stuff At The Book Cart!

Books, Games & All Sorts Of Quirky Stuff At The Book Cart!

For a bibliophile, a book store is a heaven. It is crisp Belgian waffles dripping with dark chocolate just begging to be had with a scoop of ice cream.

Imagining the scrumptious delicacy? Craving for a sinful bite?

That. That's exactly how a book-lover feels at a book shop, and the one in Kanpur fulfilling every inch of this dream is The Book Cart.

The Book Cart, Kanpur: Delve Into A World Beyond Paper And Ink

If you've not been to The Book Cart as of yet, then you're missing on a crucial part of what Kanpur has to offer. It's located in Swaroop Nagar bang opposite to the Little Folks School making it hard to miss!

For people who eat, breathe and sleep books, the store is well worth a visit (or two, or three or more). Feeling lazy AF and don't want to get your warm tushy out of the blanket? The Book Cart has you covered. The kind people at the stationery and book shop deliver to your home! Follow them on instagram to order your favourite authors and the rest is taken care of by them.

Not too big on books? Well, the brains behind The Book Cart made the classy place much, much more than a book store. From games to home decor, from cloth totes to artifacts, from paintings to toys, their collection is massive.

A mecca for all things quirky, sophisticated and gorgeous, The Book Cart lets you delve into a world that is beyond paper and ink.