Electric buses to start in Kanpur soon, trials about to begin

Electric buses to start in Kanpur soon, trials about to begin

Taking a major step towards protection of the environment, electronic buses are to ply on the roads of Kanpur from the year 2022. As a part of this project, the city received its first set of 13 electronic buses on Sunday. As per the reports, these 13 buses are the first from a consignment of total 100 city buses allotted to the district by the state. Most likely, 47 more buses are to be delivered by 15th December and the rest in January 2022. A month long trial for these buses is to start soon and they will be operational by December 2021.

In addition to this, the PMI Electro consortium is working towards the setting up of 25 charging stations for these 100 buses in the city. Reportedly, all of these charging stations will be ready in the month of December itself and be made functional after a week of testing. Recognizing an important civic need, the divisional Commissioner has also given instructions to construct large and clean public toilets at each of these power stations.

The new e-buses will have a variety of new features like CCTV cameras, panic buttons, wireless alarm sets and emergency brake system for a safe commute. Apart from this, a road widening project and underground cabling operation is also in talks.

All operations regarding this project will be completed by the end of year 2021 and electronic buses will be functional on roads from January 2022.