Kanpurʼs Favourite Offline Café Is Making A Comeback And Hereʼs Why You Must Visit It

Offline Café: Kanpur's Beloved Hangout Spot Makes a Spectacular Comeback with New Menu and Trendy Vibes
Kanpurʼs Favourite Offline Café Is Making A Comeback And Hereʼs Why You Must Visit It

It was not long ago that Offline Café, one of Kanpurʼs OG and favourite cafes shut its doors, leaving its signature frappe lovers heartbroken. Over the last few years, the café has given innumerable memories to its customers. But now, it is ready to make the much needed comeback. So, are you ready for #offlinephirse?

With upgraded interiors, new additions to the menu and a vibe that is class apart, Offline Café is all set to welcome its customers once again with a bang on March 6, ʼ24. From their signature frappe to the butter chicken fries and makhani pasta, you can gorge on your classic favourites like before with new and tasty additions in the menu to choose from.

Not just the food, the revamped ambience consisting of elements like upgraded furniture, decorative accents and a coffee bar, all with that slight touch of quirk is included to make the place feel comfortable and cozy to people of all age groups. So, get ready to welcome #offlinephirse and make new memories because this time, itʼs going to be bigger and better!

This time, they're spicing things up a notch with their fun new twist: #makeindiancoolagain. Think of it as a culinary time machine, whisking you back to the days of munching on vada pav and slathering your bun maska, all while giving the trendy avocado toast a playful nudge aside. It's their cheeky nod to the flavors that make us who we are, wrapped up in a vibe that's all about enjoying the zest and zing of Indian street food in the cozy corners of your go-to café. Get ready for a taste of nostalgia, served with a side of laughter and good times!