Looking For A New Café In Kanpur? Look No Further Than Lush

Looking For A New Café In Kanpur? Look No Further Than Lush

You: "OK Google, can you search for a new café in Kanpur?"

Google: Lush Garden Café

Yes, that's right. The newest 'it' place in Kanpur is Lush, and we love it for its sustainable dining. Here's all you need to know about Lush.


Lush is located in Motijheel Musical Fountain, and it unquestionably makes you forget that you are still in town. With greenery in abundance, Lush is a tranquil island in the midst of city noise that relaxes both the mind and body


On weekdays, the urban dining farm café is open from four in the evening till one in the night. On weekends, the closing time stretches by an hour to 2 AM. If you've been looking for a restaurant in Kanpur that's open late night; you've finally found it!


The concept of Lush is to cook what they grow – sustainable dining. It is the only eatery in Kanpur to work around eco-friendly and zero waste concepts. The one dish highly recommended is the molten chocolate ball. Yes, that's a dessert, but it was out of the world. 

Lush Garden Café is the quintessential place for a special, perfect evening far from the maddening crowd of Kanpur.