SMAAASH! Now at Z Square Kanpur

SMAAASH! Now at Z Square Kanpur

Yes, you read that right! To provide you immersive and evolved experiences in the city,
SMAAASH has finally opened at Z Square Mall (4th Floor), Kanpur and you're in for a major

Launched in 2012, SMAAASH is among India's most acclaimed gaming and entertainment centres that brings together sports, virtual reality, music and dining into one interactive social experience that you can live with your friends and family. With its presence in 32 centres across 16 cities in India, SMAAASH has opened in Kanpur and it's the place to be for everyone- kids or adults who want to get in touch with their inner kid.

The centre is known for its sports simulation technology and gamification technologies like unique twilight gaming zone, motor racing, bike racing simulators, go carting tracks, dance off machines, bowling and more. Not just that, you can also organise parties and events of all kinds so that your guests have a great time and are full of energy throughout.

All that play is supposed to be followed by some hunger pangs and the food menu at the dining area of SMAAASH including pizzas, delicious finger foods, woks and refreshing drinks is gonna take care of that.

So get your gang together because it's a unique gaming experience that you would not want to miss.

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