Some Here And Some On The Way: Brands In Kanpur

Some Here And Some On The Way: Brands In Kanpur

Those of us who call Kanpur home, find it perfect. Well, yes it needs a nip here, and a tuck there, but overall it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Or, as we say it bhaukal.

That stated, we'd never say no to a few national and international brands opening their doors here. So, we walked the lanes of the town and those of the internet to find the latest names that have either made their way into Kanpur or are coming soon.

6 Big Brands That Have Opened (Or Opening) In Kanpur

Nykaa Luxe

Where: Z Mall

For all those ladies looking for reliable yet affordable cosmetic brands, Nykaa is heaven sent. The online make-up giant opened its first store in Kanpur in March. A modestly sized store, the peach velvet sofas, glass tables, and neon "Focused & Fabulous" sign turn it into something worth seeing.

From Nykaa's homegrown line to the ever-loved Huda Beauty products, you'll find everything here. What we loved is the dedicated section for skin, nails, and fragrances! We couldn't make up our mind on where to splurge first!


Where: Z-Mall

Though the low-cost Japanese retailer unrolled its gates in Kanpur last year, one can't deny that it still is a shopper's paradise. The variety chain store has the trifecta of goods – affordable, stylish, and superb quality. What's more is that from designer products to cosmetics, from daily use items to skincare, you can find just about everything you need.

Our recommendation is to try their Happy Birthday Hanging decorations; they're gorgeously made!


Where: Civil Lines

Mocha in Civil Lines has everything you can ask from an eatery. They put a check on exceptional interiors, superb vibe, finger licking food, and shakes that are seriously out of this world. You know a place is worth repeat visits when it's on the mind of every townie.

We get that it falls on the substantial end of the bill, but isn't that the price you pay for dining at a well-known brand? Besides, no one can deny that their shakes are not worth dying just a little bit for!

Burger King

Where: Z Square Mall

A late entrant to India's fast-food market, a lot of epicureans had been waiting, with bated breath, for Burger King. With a menu that has much more to offer than McDonald's, it is really a saviour for those of us who love-big-buns. (Excuse us, but we just could not, not refer to the song!)

Our tip is to just indulge in the soft buns, sauces that are made of dreams and shakes thicker than a snicker. Don't forget to try their chicken fries and onion rings; they are worth every single bite.


Food and lifestyle brands have their place, but it was high time a proper ride-hailing app put its fleet down in Kanpur. Thankfully, Rapido answered the call. The Bengaluru based bike-taxi company launched its operations in the city. And we are particularly appreciative because the only way to get out of the traffic snarls in the town is a two-wheeler!

So, if you're stuck without a ride and need to get to your destination in a lickety-split, call a Rapido. They charge a base fare of Rs 15 plus a distance charge of Rs 3 per kilometre which turns out to be quite economical!

Lätt Liv

Where:  Swaroop Nagar

Rapido, Mocha, Nykaa, and Miniso are all prevailing names that have made headway in Kanpur. The one name that is yet to open is Lätt Liv (that's Swedish for easy life). They launched their first store in India in Jan 2019, and are already making their way to our town.

A one of a kind international lifestyle store, they believe in the minimalist approach made popular by Scandinavians. So, what do you need to look forward to at Lätt Liv? The answer is everything. From gifts to décor, from beauty to stationary, from household to digital, the brand has it all and more.

Head over to their Instagram page to see their gorgeous design approach. And here's an insider tip – Lätt Liv is highly affordable and they bring in new products almost every month!

Slowly, but yeah, steadily, the lifestyle and trend framework are being redefined in Kanpur. And, we, for once, are ecstatic. The city has been bereft of big names for just too long. So, take all of our monies peeps but open up a few more!