Kanpur Zoo
Kanpur Zoo

Celebrate National Tourism Day And Explore Kanpur With Us!

Discover Kanpur's Diverse Attractions on National Tourism Day!

India's beautiful scenery and the economic benefits of tourism are celebrated on National Tourism Day. The purpose of the celebration is to raise awareness of the nation's economic gains from tourism. The Indian government launched it with the intention of highlighting the country's rich legacy, cultural variety, and scenic beauty.

Explore Kanpur’s Local Tourism With KanpurWants -

A) Kanpur Zoological Park

The Allen Forest Zoo, also called the Kanpur Zoological Park, is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to see a diverse range of flora and fauna and a sanctuary for those who love the outdoors. The Kanpur Zoological Park has enough additional activities on its 76.56 hectares of grounds to keep you occupied all day. In addition to all of this, the Kanpur Zoological Park arranges a variety of interesting activities, like contests and educational programmes, to draw guests from a broad radius.


B) Blue World Theme Park

It is one of Kanpur's most popular tourist spots and offers fun activities for people of all ages. Try your hand at a selection of adventure rides for a surge of adrenaline. For those who enjoy the water, this theme park also features an assortment of water slides. Enjoy a revitalising splash in the spotless pools and create treasured memories.


C) Moti Jheel

Moti Jheel is another popular tourist spot in Kanpur, offering visitors a refreshing break from the fast-paced daily life. This big lake was built by the British in the eighteenth century, and in the early twentieth century they renovated and expanded it. Encircled by lush foliage on all sides, the Moti Jheel is a well-liked location for walks and morning jogging. It's also a popular spot for individuals to take their loved ones on picnics.

D) Green Park Stadium

Built in 1945, Green Park Stadium can accommodate roughly 32,000 spectators and has hosted several international cricket matches. It has also witnessed a few high-scoring games over the years. This stadium has hosted a number of historic matches, including India's historic victory over England in the Test series in 1952 and Sunil Gavaskar's historic 10,000th test run in 1987.


E) Kanpur Sangrahalaya

Originally titled King Edward Memorial Hall, it was constructed by the British and is also referred to as Kanpur Sangrahalaya. Fantastic relics and displays about Kanpur and the country at large can be found here, making it a great destination for travellers. This becomes the best source of information about the city because it is filled with so many fascinating anecdotes and historical tales.

F) Bhitargaon

The town of Bhitargaon, located in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India, is close to the city of Kanpur and is well-known for its historic Hindu temple, which is the biggest brick temple in India to have survived from the Gupta era. Despite significant damage to its upper chamber during the 18th century, this Hindu shrine made of terracotta that has a roof and a towering Sikhara is the oldest that is still standing.

G) All Souls Cathedral

Originally called the All Souls' Church, the Kanpur Memorial Church is a member of the united Protestant denomination, the Church of North India. In 1875, it was constructed as a tribute to the British bravery during the Cawnpore Siege. The entire church is attractively constructed of bright red brick with touches of polychrome, all in the Lombardic Gothic style. The memorial garden sits to the east of the church, and there is only one gateway that leads there.

H) Brahmavart Ghat

Hindus hold that Lord Brahma formerly resided in the ghat, before humans ever came into existence. It is said that Brahma Ji placed a Shiva Linga here, which is still adored today as Brahmeshwar Mahadeva. It is thought that Lord Brahma initiated humanity's creation of man out of clay and all of the world's righteousness here.

I) Patthar Ghat

Situated on the banks of the holy Ganges, Bithoor, a Kanpur suburb, is home to the well-known tourist destination Patthar Ghat. Patthar Ghat was totally sculpted using Tikait Rai's cash out of the red sandstone. Similar to other ghats in the suburb, both locals and tourists attend this one on a regular basis. The temple priests perform aartis every day, and a large number of people take part in it.

J) Massacre Ghat

Satti Chaura Ghat or Massacre Ghat is a famous ghat in Kanpur, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh state in north India. On June 27, 1857, an event known in British colonial archives as the Siege of Cawnpore occurred. When 120 women and children were brought to Kanpur, where they were slain and dumped into a well, 300 British men, women, and children were massacred (known as the Bibighar Massacre).

K) J.K. Temple

This exquisitely built temple is a singular fusion of modern and ancient design. Enough ventilation has been installed on the mandaps' even-level roofs to ensure there is enough light and air. The temple has five shrines, the main one dedicated to Shri Radhakrishna, and the others containing idols of Hanuman, Laxminarayan, Ardhanarishwar, and Narmadeshwar.

L) Iskcon Temple

The ISKCON temple is yet another international spiritual tourist attraction dedicated to Lord Krishna. The avatars of Lord Krishna, Sri Sri Radha Madhav, Sri Sri Nitai Gaursundar and Sri Sri Janakai Janaki Vallabha Laxman Hanuman are conventionally decorated and preserved

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