IIT Kanpur And GUVI Collaborate To Offer Business And Technology Courses In Regional Languages

Breaking Barriers: IIT Kanpur and GUVI to Offer Regional Language Technology and Business Courses
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Technology and business courses will be offered in regional languages by IIT Kanpur and ed-tech platform GUVI. In order to meet the varied demands of the current dynamic job market, the courses, according to IIT-K, will offer opportunities through a series of revolutionary professional career courses across technology and business domains.

These professionally run courses, which are open to professionals, graduates, and students alike, combine theory and real-world application. You can get these in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English.

The courses offered are as follows -

1. Professional Certificate Course in Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing provided in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

2. Professional Certificate Course in Full Stack Development – MERN Stack provided in English, Hindi, and Tamil.

3. Professional Certificate Course in Data Science, provided in Hindi and Tamil.

4. Professional Certificate Course in Data Engineering provided in Hindi and Tamil.

Mr. Arun Prakash, founder and CEO of GUVI said, “We are excited about the collaboration with IIT Kanpur, showcasing our commitment to deliver high-quality education at a national level. Our meticulously crafted programs aim to seamlessly connect academic knowledge with industry requirements, empowering individuals to excel in today’s competitive job market.”