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The unique postgraduate-level online courses offered by IIT Kanpur's e-Masters Degree programme are intended for working professionals who want to remain current and relevant in the technologically advanced world of today. These flexible online Master's degree programmes from IIT Kanpur are acknowledged for their excellent quality and are a great asset to any professional's employability and career development.

Admissions for 11 different eMasters courses, including Public Policy, Economics, Finance, Quantitative Finance, Risk Management, Financial Technology, Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Analytics, and Communication Systems, are now open at the institute.

Eligibility Criteria:

- Candidates must have completed a minimum of 55% of the coursework for a Bachelor's degree (from a 3/4-year programme) or a Master's degree in the relevant field with a CPI of 5.5/10.

- Candidates must have a minimum of two years of experience in a professional capacity.

With multidisciplinary courses that are both intellectually stimulating and grounded in the most recent advancements in industry practices, each Masters programme provides a variety of flexible tracks. Apart from self-paced learning components and live interactive sessions that are limited to weekends, students can visit the campus of IIT Kanpur, if necessary. The ease of online study and the prestige of an IIT Kanpur master's degree combine in these entirely course-based programmes, which do not require a thesis.

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