Interesting Facts To Know About The Famous Green Park Stadium In Kanpur

Interesting Facts To Know About The Famous Green Park Stadium In Kanpur

Well, there is no denying the fact that Kanpur is a city full of crazy cricket fans. Cricket enthusiasts consider Kanpur's Green Park Stadium to be nothing less than a shrine. Originally used to host neighbourhood football games, this stadium eventually became exclusively dedicated to cricket. Do you want to know more about its history? Stay tuned with us and get to know all about your city’s famous cricket stadium.

Facts About Green Park Stadium

1. Green Park Stadium is an international cricket stadium of Kanpur, India. Its seating capacity is 32,000 seats. The Green Park Stadium was constructed in 1945. There are no other stadiums in the nation that can claim to have a "Students Gallery." The Uttar Pradesh Sports Department is in charge of overseeing and managing the stadium.

2. Madam Green, a woman who used to practise horseback riding here in the 1940s, is honoured by having her name attached to the Green Park Stadium. It's situated close to the banks of the Ganga River, which flows directly behind the stadium, in Kanpur's northeastern Civil Lines neighbourhood.

3. Numerous Test and one-day international cricket matches have taken place in the venue. On this field, the Indian cricket team has shown themselves to be the most successful thus far. India has only lost two games on the field since 1957.

4. The ends are referred to as the Hostel End and the Mill Pavilion End. These bear names derived from the nearby Elgin Mill and DAV College.Spinners have found success on Green Park's pitch, which has produced some outstanding performances from veterans like Anil Kumble, Jasubhai Patel, Harbhajan Singh, and Subhash Gupte, among others.

5. The Indian team's 500th test was played in this stadium. Additionally, four Vivo IPL matches were scheduled for May 19 and 21, 2016, and May 10 and 13, 2017.

6. However, Green Park was renamed "Modi Stadium" in the 1950s. It was given a new name in remembrance of Sir Hormasji Pherozeshah Modi, one of the first governors of Uttar Pradesh. But in 1954, when JK Group took over stadium management from the government, the stadium was returned to its former name, Green Park.

7. The world's largest manually controlled scoreboard is located in the stadium in Kanpur. Some of the most significant moments in Indian cricket history have also taken place there. In 1959, Green Park Stadium saw India's inaugural victory over Australia in a Test match. West Indies are still the only side to defeat India in this region of the world, and India has only lost twice at the venue in its entire history.

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