Representing Golds Gym Swaroop Nagar: Relaunched & Rebooted

Representing Golds Gym Swaroop Nagar: Relaunched & Rebooted

Food is the holy grail, particularly for Kanpurites. We live, breathe and sleep it. So, it is hardly a surprise that we gain an extra calorie (or more truthfully hundreds of them) here and there. But that's what gyms are for, right? Binge on yummy Punjabi food and then skip, hop and jump to a fitness class to shed those added pounds. 

When Gold's Gym Swaroop Nagar put their shutters down, some of us at KanpurWants literally shed a tear or two. We despaired. Where would we now go to keep up with our love of food? If you're floating in the same boat as us, we got news for you. A good one.

Gold's Gym is relaunching. After months of hard work, the gym has gone a complete overhaul. Think of it as Version 2.0. where #MoreIsPossible. Don't take our word for it. Give the rebooted gym a peep:

As pioneers of the fitness industry, Gold's Gym wanted to rethink fitness and redefine what it means, which is why they brought in a whole slew of equipment and trainers. 

While physical fitness through a disciplined exercise regime has been the norm for Gold's, now they are taking things up a notch. From educating people on why daily physical activity is crucial to helping them plan wholesome diets, Gold's gym is leaving no stone unturned. 

If you've been a previous member, we hope to see you there again. If you're new to the fitness journey, then Gold's Gym Swaroop Nagar will definitely set you on the right path!

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