The First Tour Of ‘Kanpur Darshan’: All Information Here

Exploring Kanpur's Treasures: A Tourist's Guide
Mayor Pramila Pandey of Kanpur Nagar Flagging Off The First Kanpur Darshan Bus
Mayor Pramila Pandey of Kanpur Nagar Flagging Off The First Kanpur Darshan BusANI News

Under the joint sponsorship of the District Administration, Municipal Corporation Kanpur, Kanpur Smart City Limited, and the Kanpur Tourism Development and Promotion Committee, the Kanpur Darshan Yatra was initiated for tourists in the industrial city of Kanpur Nagar on 17th December. The Kanpur Darshan Yatra was officially launched at the Sir Padampat Singhania School premises in Kanpur by Chief Guest and Mayor Pramila Pandey of Kanpur Nagar. Kanpur Darshan Yatra was initiated by MP Kanpur Satyadev Pachauri during the inaugural event held at the Green Park Visitor Gallery.

MP Satyadev Pachauri of Kanpur Nagar Flagging Off The First Kanpur Darshan Bus from Green Park
MP Satyadev Pachauri of Kanpur Nagar Flagging Off The First Kanpur Darshan Bus from Green Park ANI News

Throughout the journey, a variety of mythical, religious, educational, and entertaining locations in Kanpur were identified, and the tourists will be shown places of mythical, religious, and historical significance. According to Satyadev Pachauri ji, the commencement of group tours in Kanpur is an indication that the city would see an increase in both domestic and foreign travel in the near future. It is significant that the Darshan Yatra will boost Kanpur's tourism and development efforts in addition to generating more revenue.

About The Kanpur Darshan Tour

With the Kanpur Darshan Packages, discover Kanpur's wealth. Kanpur is well-known for its extensive historical and cultural legacy, and it has an abundance of tourist sites to arouse your curiosity at all times. The following locations to look out for while in Kanpur.

Kanpur Zoological Park

The Kanpur Zoological Park, also known as the Allen Forest Zoo, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and a great place to visit for anyone interested in seeing a wide variety of plants and animals. With its 76.56 hectares of grounds, the Kanpur Zoological Park offers enough other activities to keep you busy all day. In addition to all of this, the Kanpur Zoological Park hosts a number of engaging events, such as competitions and educational programmes, to attract visitors from a wide area.

Moti Jheel

Another well-known tourist destination in Kanpur is the Moti Jheel, which provides visitors with a cool respite from the hectic pace of daily life. The British constructed this sizable lake in the eighteenth century, and they later refurbished and enlarged it in the early twentieth century.

The Moti Jheel, surrounded by lush greenery on all sides, is a popular spot for morning jogging and walks. Many people also use it as a place to have picnics with their loved ones too.

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Blue World

Theme Park It is one of the top tourist destinations in Kanpur that provides visitors of all ages with an exciting day out. To experience an adrenaline rush, try your hand at a variety of adventure rides. This theme park also has a variety of water slides for those who love the water. Take a refreshing splash in the immaculate pools and have an unforgettable experience.

Green Park Stadium

Fan of cricket? Then, you cannot miss this place. With a seating capacity of about 32,000, the Green Park Stadium was built in 1945 and has played host to multiple international cricket events. Over the years, it has also seen a few high-scoring games. Many iconic games have taken place in this stadium, such as Sunil Gavaskar's landmark 10,000th test run in 1987 and India's first-ever Test triumph over England in 1952. The city is renowned for having a vibrant nightlife as well. So, when you've finished your sightseeing throughout the day, you can enjoy the evening at some excotic cafes and lounges