When Waffles Are On The Mind, Here’s Where To Go To…

When Waffles Are On The Mind, Here’s Where To Go To…

Waffles, the wonders that work double time as wholesome grub and craving satisfier. These soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside delicacies come topped with amazing varieties. From the classic Belgian chocolate to the ever-loved maple syrup, from honey butter to the finger-lickin' Nutella, the list of garnishes is endless. But where do you find the best of these fluffy nibbles in Kanpur, that is the question?

When you're on the journey to find scrumptious waffles in the city, these are the stops you've got to make!

1.    Frozen Junction

The one place in Kanpur that needs no introduction is Frozen Junction. The eatery is not just a waffle heaven but also food wonderland. When ice cream rolls and shakes are not what you crave, order their waffle ice cream sandwich or better yet the red velvet.  Trust us; each one is meant to be savoured slowly and delicately.

2.    The Chocolate Room

When you want to eat, drink and sleep chocolate (in all its forms), The Chocolate Room is the place to be. Yeah, we know it. But who'da thunk it as the go-to choice for waffles? Yet, when it comes to the Belgian treats, TCR at Z Square Mall should be your first preference or the one nestled in Swaroop Nagar.

3.    Sweet Affairs

A tiny café with a cosy environment, Sweet Affairs stands true to its name. But when it comes to waffles, the restaurant outdoes itself. For a chocolate overload, pick the Four Seasons Waffle. For an entirely mind-blowing experience, choose the Fruit Fantasy Waffle Platter. And while you're at it, rope in a few friends and go binge on their Frankies, pizzas and monster shakes!

4.    Sippers

Yes, the name paints pictures of drinks but we kid you not Sippers is one place in Kanpur that has the fluffiest waffles. What's more? The prices are fabulous, and the options boundless. For us, some of the favourites were Oreo Chunk, Blueberry Wonder and Banana Caramello. And since we just can't say no to shakes, we always order one of the premium cake-shakes. Try them; you will not be disappointed!

5.    Belgiyum Waffles

When the name says it all, you don't need to think twice. Belgiyum Waffles in Kanpur is the place to go when you wish for more than sweet things. From grilled cheese waffles to savoury options, the eatery has it all and more.