Ab Eazy hai banana Restaurant jaisa Khana : EazyCook – Ashok Masale

Ab Eazy hai banana Restaurant jaisa Khana : EazyCook – Ashok Masale

Upholding the No. 1 tradition of purity : Ashok Masale, one of the leading brands in spices industry since 1957, continuous to excel in providing its customers a wide range of products with the best quality.  

The young brigade, now is coming over with new and innovative products for its customers.

One such product EAZY COOK is started by Mr. Abhishek Gupta, to make cooking easier and interesting at the same time.

Since, the time when Abhishek went abroad for his higher studies for pursuing Msc Food Management, from University of Surrey, he felt the need to learn cooking and so he developed this amazing idea of Eazy Cook. He first started with a theoretical business plan and then made it practical once he came back to India and joined his family business.  

The idea of developing such an innovative product came to him when he felt the need of eating homemade Indian food while studying in Surrey , he then researched and found out about ready to cook range which was already in the market but still could not provide the authentic taste as required. After which with his knowledge of family business in Spices , he developed an easy , convenient , instant complete spice mix which only requires a few steps to make Homemade food which also guarantees value for money to the customer.

Themain unique Selling point of this range is Consistency and convenience, withonly a little knowledge of the kitchen anyone can make delicious food in aninstant , making them a chef at home .

 This product is Manufactured in a world class facility ensuring full hygiene and prevailing all food standards. Ashok Eazy cook range comes with a wide variety of Restaurant and Chinese offerings . The main range consists of 15 varieties of Indian dishes such as Dal Makhani , Malai Kofta , Dum aloo , Palak paneer , Hyderabdi Biryani  , Mutton Masala , Butter Chicken , Fish Curry and many more . Also recently launched is Ashok Eazy Cook Chinese Range such as Fried Rice , Hakka Noodles , Veg Manchurian , Schezwan masala, Chilli Paneer to prepare mouthwatering fresh  Chinese dishes at home with only a few steps .

Currently Ashok Eazy cook is available in selected parts of Uttar Pradesh in modern retail shops , soon the offering will also be made to order online. This market is currently growing with lots of people trying to save time and enjoy the convenience , however the major market is still held with traditional way of cooking food with available spices in the market. The main challenge faced by company is to drive people to try the new modern way of cooking and save time and money.

The future plans of Mr Abhishek is to get more offerings in this Eazy cook range soon comprising of Breakfast mixes , soup range and many more so as to make food easy and interesting for the customer and to offer something new every day .

As the Tag line says Ab Eazy hai banana Restaurant jaisa Khana