Feeding India: Transforming Not Just Kanpur, But The Nation One Meal At A Time

Feeding India: Transforming Not Just Kanpur, But The Nation One Meal At A Time

821 Million. 1 in 9. That's the number of people who go to bed hungry every day around the world. Thinking that's not our problem? Think again. India is responsible for the second-highest chunk in that estimate. Almost 200 million of our citizens are underfed and undernourished. But don't let these numbers dishearten you. As always, the resourcefulness of fellow humans is saving the day.

The Ray Of Hope In A World Of Wastage

Feeding India is a non-profit enterprise started by Ankit Kawatra in 2014 with a simple concept – take the leftover and excess food from one place and distribute to those who need it.

The NPO, with a commendable aim to remove all hunger problems that ail our society, is run by the most extensive youth network in the country. It calls on its over 20,000 volunteers to collect surplus food from events, restaurants, commercial spaces, etc. and deliver them to the needy. In five short years, they have marked a presence in more than 71 cities and served over 22 million meals.

How Do The Hunger Heroes Do It?

It is a surprisingly humble process, and we are amazed that not more people are diving into it. Feeding India channels nutritious and extra food from weddings, corporate offices, eateries, and individuals to people who have no access to it. From raw grains to freshly cooked food, they utilise it all.

To make it even simpler, they have partnered with caterers and establishments. Every time an event is planned, these partners give the NPO a heads up. The volunteers, or as they call themselves the Hunger Heroes, reach the venue, collect the spare victuals and drive down to the nearest shelter or orphanage.

The Incredible And Inspiring Work Of Feeding India In Kanpur

While the impact the organisation creates is, without doubt, praiseworthy, there is a reason we are showing it all the love at KanpurWants. In our modest city, Feeding India has run some of its most incredible campaigns like the Magic Wheels. And it is all done under the spectacular aegis of the city head, Harshit Agarwal. Here is just the tip of their hunger-saving iceberg:

  • In the last year or so, they have held more than 30 camps in the slum areas of the town. Each camp provided food to 200 to 300 kids by collecting it from nearby parties and functions held at hotels or restaurants.
  • They installed Happy Fridges in Swaroop Nagar and Fazalganj in April of this year. A part of the NGO's #FightFoodWaste campaign, these refrigerators are clever systems of collecting food from residential areas. Those living near a Happy Fridge can donate their extra food, while those who are in need can take from it when necessary without any charge.

In the coming time, Feeding India hopes to install Happy Fridges in more localities across Kanpur in order to achieve zero food wastage. Moreover, their Hunger Heroes are relentlessly working on increasing awareness. People in the city go hunger not because there is a shortage of food, but because it isn't distributed correctly.

Help Bring An On-Ground Change To Your Community!

You'd be surprised what a plate of spare food can do for someone who sleeps hungry. It makes for more than one balanced meal. Right now, Feeding India has just about hundred volunteers. They are in need of many more. So, citizens of our fair city this is a casting call to all you kind souls. Support the enterprise by volunteering and bring Kanpur one step closer to being hunger free.

And if you don't have the spare time, there is one more means to do your bit. If you know of an event, café or home that has surplus foodstuff, make a request for donation through the Feeding India helpline number.  The Hunger Heroes will reach the location with a food recovery van and bring about some wholesome goodness!