New Found Happiness – Meet the Founders of OatMlk

New Found Happiness – Meet the Founders of OatMlk

How it all started ?

OatMlk was founded by the two of us – Akash and Rishabh as we, being victims of lactose intolerance often enjoyed exploring a wide variety of plant based milks while working abroad. It was easy-going until coming back to India, we had to compromise on our daily nutritional intake that came majorly from oat milk.

Nevertheless, we began sampling the world of soy, almond milk and coconut milk. No matter what, nothing compares with the creamy texture of oat milk, making almost everything super delicious! (Jackpot if found in earthy coffees) Being novice cooks, we began sampling oat milk at home, which was good, but not yet perfect. It lacked the essence of premium oat milk from the UK. So finally, a hundred and sixty two experiments later, the perfect blend was discovered. And from here on began, our passionate journey to share the new found happiness with the whole of India, bringing in, in the process, OatMlk into existence.

Tell us something about the golden oat milk

Oat milk is a plant-based milk and involves an extensive process from our side to reach your doorstep. Freshly made Oat Milk has enriched amounts of protein and fibre and despite being a "healthy drink for the day," guess what? Oat milk is super tasty too! Imagine the creamy texture of warm, thick oat milk being poured from the jar to your glass and as you take a sip, the rich-texture tickles your taste buds as it mingles into the depths. Yes, that's how oati-licious it can taste!

We're hopeful you may now be convinced to try out oat milk (and that's a really good decision), this is where WE come into the picture. Why choose us? Because our sole purpose at OatMlk is to end your search for premium oat milk at an affordable price. Simple and sweet (just like our service) .

What's next in the pipeline ?

Our purpose as a company is to provide a means to all people, whether lactose intolerant or explorers beyond the norm, to attain the pleasure of health, the pleasure of taste and the immense satisfaction that comes with being a woke individual doing their bit to save the planet. In short, save on taxing our planet's resources and at the same time dunk and dip in the goodness of health. Isn't it a win-win?

Keeping you in mind, we bring forward the most delectable and fresh, preservatives-free, lactose-free, plant based products, curated for the Indian homes. We wish to be of help in choosing wiser –
– For your gut.
– For your taste buds.
– For your Mama Earth.

Our vision is to build a collective community of plant lovers, earth lovers, and health freaks, basically a community of people who care. We aim to be a leading contributor in the revolutionary shift towards sustainability and growth.

Cheers to Oatmlk!

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