Top Pet Grooming Services In Kanpur You Must Look Out For Your Cuddly Pals!

Discover the Top Pet Grooming Services in Kanpur for Your Furry Friends!
Top Pet Grooming Services In Kanpur You Must Look Out For Your Cuddly Pals!

You can now schedule your pets for a relaxing and grooming session at one of these dog parlours in Kanpur, where they can get massages, blowouts, aromatherapy baths, manicures, and even perming. We have listed some pet grooming services in Kanpur, covering everything from routine maintenance to a spa day. They also provide service at your doorstep.

1. Velvett Spa

A variety of grooming services are provided by Velvet Spa to cater to each pet's particular needs. Their skilled groomers are dedicated to provide a customised service that suits the needs of each pet they work with, and they are trained to work with animals of all sizes and kinds.

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2. Fur Groomers

They provide an extensive array of grooming, clipping, and styling services, including washing, treating ticks and fleas, brushing teeth, cutting and trimming nails, cleaning ears, medicating baths, and more. To give your furry baby the finest, their skilled pet groomers utilise certified pet-friendly products and up-to-date equipment.

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3. Dr. Nigam Pet Grooming Services

They offer a sizable space set out for pet grooming. They offer standard treatments like washing, ear care, hair trimming, nail clipping, and brushing hair.  They are pet grooming services providing expert care for furry companions with a range of pampering treatments.

Address: 107/166, Durga Devi Rd, Sisamau, Sisamau Bazar, Jawahar Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208012.

4. The Pet Nest

Using The Pet Nest, you can schedule pet grooming services in Kanpur based on the needs of your furry friend. Bathing, combing, and even nail painting your dog. Choose from a range of pet grooming packages that are ideal for your pet, from a basic bath and blow-dry to a full-service cut. In order to fully address all of your concerns and issues, they now offer online veterinary consultations both before and after your pet's grooming appointment.

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5. Glamour Pawz Pet Grooming

Glamour Pawz is aware of the value that dogs have in your household. They provide a variety of grooming procedures in order to maintain their finest possible appearance and well-being. Select from their extensive menu of services and let them handle all of your pet's grooming requirements.

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