A Special Train To Run Between Pune And Kanpur To Meet The Festive Demand

Pune-Kanpur Holi Special Train Introduced to Meet Festive Travel Demand
A Special Train To Run Between Pune And Kanpur To Meet The Festive Demand

A Holi Special Train service between Pune and Kanpur is being introduced by Central Railway (CR) in response to the increased demand for travel during the holiday season. There will be two trips in each direction by the special train.

Train number 01038 is scheduled to depart Pune on Wednesdays at 06:35 and arrive in Kanpur on Thursdays at 07:10. The specific dates for these trips are 20th and 27th March 2024. When the train travels back, on March 21 and 28, 2024, it will leave Kanpur at 08:50 on Thursdays and arrive in Pune at 12:05 on Fridays. There are 17 ICF coaches in the train, consisting of 1 First AC, 1 AC-II Tier, 2 AC-III Tier, 5 Sleeper Class, and 8 General Second Class coaches. There will also be two guard's brake vehicles available.

In order to provide complete coverage of all important destinations between Pune and Kanpur, the train will make stops at a number of important stations along the way. Among these stations are Virangana Laxmibai Jhansi, Bina, Daund Chord Line, Ahmednagar, Belapur, Kopargaon, Manmad, Bhusaval, Khandwa, Itarsi, Rani Kamlapati, and Orai.

In an effort to accommodate the yearly spike in demand for travel, Central Railway is offering its Holi Special Train service, which gives travellers a fun and festive way to get where they're going during one of India's most anticipated holidays.

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