IIT Kanpur Gets A Cover Page Feature In The Week Magazine!

IIT Kanpur's Innovation and Interdisciplinary Approach Garners Cover Page Feature in The Week Magazine
IIT Kanpur
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Innovation is elevated to new heights at IIT Kanpur. This is where engineering and finance intersects with medicine. The elite institute's comprehensive approach is what sets it apart from others.

With its unique Flight Laboratory, C3i Hub—the nation's most advanced cybersecurity centre—the unparalleled research and innovation ecosystem, the rich history and introduction to computer science education, the groundbreaking technological advancements and significant initiatives by the soon-to-open Kotak School of Sustainability and Gangwal School of Medical Science and Technology, the exceedingly ambitious student endeavours, and much more is what IIT Kanpur is made of.

In addition, a 500-bed hospital bearing the name of another former student, the late JK group member Yadupati Singhania, will be built. The Kanpur-based JK Group has also made a major donation to the medical school. For its students, IIT Kanpur's expansion of its horizons is beneficial. Numerous individuals have embraced the interdisciplinary setting.

Did you know that in addition to having an airstrip, IIT Kanpur also has three helipads? No other educational institution has a facility like this. Students here receive practical training because of the lab.

At IIT Kanpur, knowledge is boundless.