Spice Jet Introduces Direct Flights from-Kanpur

Spice Jet Introduces Direct Flights from-Kanpur

Welcome To Our Town, Spice Jet. You're Going to Love it!

The one thing Kanpur-walas having been pining for from the bottom of their hearts is the lack of an airport. That request was answered last year. We've got some more good news. SpiceJet is now running direct flights from our humble city to Delhi and Mumbai.

The flights come under the regional connectivity scheme of the air carrier, UDAN. From our town, the journey to both these metro-cities starts in the afternoon while the return timings vary.

We know. These non-stop flights are like the first drops of rain after a particularly dry spell. So, to SpiceJet, we say – thank you and hope you come to love our city as much as we do.