Kargil Park, At Motijheel Kanpur to be modernized

Kargil Park, At Motijheel Kanpur to be modernized

The city is seeing new developments with each passing day and one such ongoing and important project under the Kanpur Smart City project is the redevelopment and modernization of the Kargil Park situated in Motjheel.

Officials including the Chairman of Kanpur Smart City Limited, CEO of Nagar Ayukt and Additional CEO, KSCL visited the Kargil Park on Friday in this regard. The cost of the project is 4.30 crores and will take 6 months time. It proposes multiple developments to revamp the park for the residents of the city like:

  1. A synthetic jogging and walking track of 1.8 km, made of EPDM to be constructed all around the park. It will have three different circuits, each for fast joggers, brisk walkers and old age citizens.
  2. The park will be lit up by ambient lighting for citizens to enjoy their late evening walks.
  3. Features like pipe music for an enjoyable walks and outdoor benches and rocking chairs
    for old age citizens will be installed in the park.
  4. The area will get CCTV surveillance and be Wi-Fi equipped. Drains will be constructed all along the tracks to avoid inconvenience during rains.

Few instructions from the divisional commissioner include taking advice from UP Athletics Association on the EPDM synthetic track, getting architecture drawing done and monitoring progress under the chairmanship of HBTU Kanpur, placing covered benches in the park, cleaning of one side of lake by Nagar Nigam and identifying more parks in ABD area where children parks can be developed.

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