Brand New Cricket-Themed Smart Road for Kanpur by June 2022

Brand New Cricket-Themed Smart Road for Kanpur by June 2022

As a part of infrastructural development under the Smart City Project, Kanpur is all set to get a cricket themed road which will be the second smart road in the city. The first smart road is the one from Phoolbagh to Narauna intersection. The second road under this project will be the 1.6 km long road from Parade Square to Green Park Square.

 This revamp is expected to be one of the most expensive projects in the city till now with an estimated expenditure of 30 crores.

The road starts from Parade Square and leads through D C College, Huddard Chauraha and KESCO Office before ending at Green Park Square. Keeping in mind the cricket theme, paintings of bats, balls, wickets and even famous cricket players will be made on the walls of the footpath alongside the road. The deadline for completion of this task has been set for June 2022.

Not just that, the smart road project will be pertaining to many provisional developments like smoother vehicular movement and facilities like pedestrian path, sitting areas, sign and information boards. Apart from that, there will be installation of streetlights and also a green toilet for public use. The road will also get the facility of a bus stop, a parking booth as well as traffic booth.

With regular traffic jams on this stretch, the approval of this project has made way for safe and secure commute along this route.

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